About the Game

Explore a world of authentic slavic folklore as a young witch.

Outwit the devilish forces and open all the seals on the Black Book. The game is set in late XIXth century Perm District, north of Cherdyn. This is an RPG with deckbuilding elements featuring a narrative inspired by folklore demon stories.


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Ethnic Foundation

Narrative is based on Bailichkas, which are short stories about an allegedly true event of meeting with spirits and demons

As with previous project, our game features a narrative based on authentic folklore. In this game we are focusing on Russian myths. We are being consulted by Konstantin Shumov, a scientific expert in this field, ehtnographist and collector of bailichkas. We are continuing our work with Perm Museum of Local Lore, and the game will feature maps based on XIXth century maps of Cherdyn' District that we've found in the archives. Several buildings that are featured in the game are based on historical prototypes that are preserved in Architectural and ethnographic museum Khokhlovka and in Museum of History of Salt in Solikamsk